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Roger Caibe



What we do

- Sports Performance

- Strength And conditioning

- FMS and Body Composition Assesment

- Nutrition Consulting

- Mental Performance Consulting

- Recovery Consulting

"Training with Roger has changed my life. As simple as that, his trainings not only helped me physically and mentally to be ready for soccer but has helped me mentally of the pitch. I approach everyday life with the mentality and professionalism he held me at in the gym. I feel stronger and fitter than ever before. Going to a super professional, hands on yet friendly environment; Roger has become more than a trainer/mentor to me but a friend. As long as my body lets me I will continue to work with Roger"

Renato Punyed

Working with Roger this last year has truly been a transformational process. I started off with chronic back pain and am now signed up for my second triathlon sprint this year ! He has helped me find a sustainable way to train that has allowed me to stay consistent. I’ve been able to develop my strength and endurance immensely without over doing it and listening to my body along the way. I can’t thank Roger enough and can’t wait to continue to reach new heights together !

Andrea Morales / Forever Athlete

I have nothing but great things to say about my time working with Roger at Crown. The facility is beautiful, and the performance training is similarly top of the line. Roger went above and beyond to make sure my plan was personalized to my wants and needs. Roger is someone I know I can trust - a true mentor, coach, and friend. I am so grateful to have found Crown Performance, and I would tell anyone looking to get 1% better each day to contact Roger and get working ASAP! Thank you Roger! 👏🏼👏🏼

Michael Stone / GK / Boston University

Roger is the best in the game for all fitness needs. I’ve increased my strength meaningfully while losing 15 lbs of fat. Always changing the workouts makes it fun and exciting! Highly recommend

Jonathan Rodriguez / Forever Athlete

As a professional trainer I am reserved when it comes to who I will choose to train me. The amount of knowledge and experience Roger brings when he trains you is second to none. A great trainer and strength coach and one that will take you to the next level. High recommended as a client and colleague

Matthew Alvarez / B.S Exercise Physiology

I met Roger Caibe a few times in passing at my gym, Move Lift Live, in Miami, Florida. He was one of the only people at the gym as early in the morning as I was and it did not take long for me to realize there was something unique and special about what Roger was doing with his athletes. 
Roger and I worked out once together and discussed our athletic backgrounds, experiences in CrossFit and weightlifting and personal goals moving forward. Roger "got me" right off the bat. He understands that I am a 33 year old female athlete with a full time, high powered, job. He also understands, without question, that I love the sport of CrossFit. 
After training and competing for 6 years, my body simply does not move the way it used to and it recovers differently. My body has also developed compensating patterns from repeating movements "for time" at a high volume.  As a result, there are certain skills that are more difficult for me now than they used to be because of how my body has adapted to doing movements fast, for time and the WRONG way.
If I want to continue to be able to train at a high volume and enjoy the sport I love so much, I have to dial it back and teach my body to move in different ways, the right way, from scratch again. Right now, I am literally learning how to jump up and down again. As an athlete, this takes a lot of patience and your ego has to be put aside. Luckily, Roger's creativity in programming and interactions as my Coach keep me engaged and even excited to take this on. The exercises he includes in my programming are unique and specifically tailored to my goals, the progress I am making and my personality. 
Over the course of the past 6 years, I have worked with at least 20 different coaches. Roger stands out and is one of a kind. I am now training from Boston, Massachusetts and Roger continues to help me work towards my goals every single day. Progress IS being made. 
You will not regret working with Crown Performance Method.

Ana Schwarz / CrossFit Athlete

I’m really happy w/ the work we’ve been doing. Not exaggerating: I don’t remember last time my body felt so good and able to do all the things I like doing Can’t never say thank you enough.

Luciana Vidal / Crossfit Athlete