Creatine? What you need to know.

What is Creatine?


Creatine is an amino acid, amino acids are used in the building of protein and the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters 


Yes, it is a supplement, but your body produces it naturally in the pancreas liver and kidneys at a rate of 1 - 2 G per day, you also ingest creatine when eating foods like red meat or fish.


Can something found in animals and produced by your own bodies be bad for you? That’s up to you to decide.


As a supplement


Understand the word supplement, call it a little extra a boost around out to your nutrition but it can’t be a main source of anything.


Creatine has proven to slightly increase performance in high-intensity training as it helps your body maintain power output and enhance the recovery of ATP.


As you generate more power and intensity, your workout becomes slightly more productive, therefore there is a relation with creatine supplementation and muscle gain.


Normal supplementation includes 5 -10g daily in powder or pill form.




Giving yourself an extra energy boost starts at the dinner table, with macronutrients as a building block, your real energy comes from that and proper sleep, Supplements like creatine are there for that "2 point conversion" you can't hit the 2 point conversion without scoring the touchdown